Lash Care & Products

What to do before your appointment:

  • Remove all makeup and thoroughly wash and clean the skin around your eyes and the eyelids.
  • Remove contacts, or bring container to store them during the application.
  • A clean face and lashes will ensure that I spend more time doing the application rather than the cleaning of the lashes.  Clean lashes are a must to ensure proper adhesion of the lashes and that you will have them as long as possible!


After Care of Lashes:

Congratulations!  You now strut a brand new Misencil Glamorous Look!  Here are some do‘s and don‘ts:


Do NOT Use:

  • Do not apply makeup, or have your eyes come in contact with water, use a spa, sauna or Hammam (Turkish Bath) for 2 hours after the application.
  • Never use a mechanical eyelash curler
  • Do not get a lash tint or lash perm
  • Avoid oily products
  • Do not Touch, pick, or rub your eyelash extensions
  • Do not use cotton swaps, pad or cloths on your extensions



Misencil Product to care for your skin and lashes.

I recommend using the care product to ensure that the lashes last longer and look great.  Not only that, proper care will ensure that no dirt and oil accumulates at the lash line, which may cause irritation of the skin.

Micensil Eye Makeup Remover & Macaroons

For everyday use, the eye makeup remover is recommended with the macaroons, which will help to remove any trace of makeup. This is recommended for all skin types and most importantly is oil free.

Micensil Shampoo

To purify the eyelids and the eyelashes, use the shampoo and rinse with water at least 3x a week. Make sure you clean the brush after each use and hang to dry! (Hook included in kit)

Micensil Protector

Use the Protector daily before applying makeup.  It will protect your lashes from dirt and humidity.

Micensil Revitalizer

Use the Revitalizer every night on clean lashes to nourish your natural lashes.

After Care Kit  - $70

Ensures the health of your natural lash and extends the wear of your extensions!

Includes Misencil Face & Eye Makeup Remover, Misencil Shampoo and Brush brush, Misencil Day Protector (protects from humidity and dirt), Misencil Night Revitalizer (nourish and condition), Macaroons (reusable make-up removing pad), and a carrying case.


When should you come back for a touch up?

If this is your first application, I recommend making an appointment in 2 weeks initially.  After that, touch ups are done every 3-5 weeks.

Please note, if the lashes are not maintained within 3-4 week time frame, it is considered a new application and full price applies.